Varangian guard. Low poly model & Handpainted textures. 2015.

Varangian guard. Handpainted textures. Texture size 1024x1024.

Varangian guard. Low-poly character. Tris count 1500.

Forest scene. Hand painted textures. (Model was given). 2015.

Hand made textures. Model was given. 2015.

Level Editing. 3D assets of one level. Shown in Unreal 4. 2014.

Level Editing. Modular level design in Unreal 4.

Level Editing. Hologram shader in Unreal 4. 2014.

Kel-Tec KSG shotgun. High poly bake, low poly mesh and PBR materials.

High-poly model car. BMW 3.0 CS. 2014.

Clay render. BMW 3.0 CS. 2014.

Power-drill, high-poly studies. 2014.

City Scene, low-poly studies.2013.

My 1st low poly work.


My 3D assignments. 2013-2015.