Post-Apocalyptic backpack. Final in colors. 2014.

Post-Apocalyptic backpack. Modelsheet as line art. 2014.

Post-Apocalyptic backpack. Sketches. 2014.

My two sides in a post-apocalyptic Waterworld. Character Design. 2014.

Zombie outrun. Character Design. 2014.

Blind queen of the clubs. Character Design. 2014.

Own character for Rakham Confrontation. Daughter of Matrae in The Kelts of the Sessairs Clan. Character Design. 2014.

Color Studies, End Assignment 2013.

Light studies, School Assignment 2013

Light Study, Photoshop, School Assignment 2013

Pod racer design. 2013.

Pencil drawing, school assignment 2013

Pencil drawing, City Scene, School Assignment 2013


My designs and drawings from the school courses.